Summer 2018 – The Story so far


It’s been a long and very hot summer so far, so that’s bound to change.  England have just been knocked out of the World Cup Semi Finals and Burton Joyce have been doing rather well in the outdoor competitions so far this year.

Notts League and Oregon Challenge

A horn in the hand….

As is tradition (but for how much longer?) the first round was held at a windy Bramcote.  Our trusty gazeebo was feeling slightly windswept as the hurricane breeze whistled through it’s guy ropes, so the decision was taken to invest in a slightly newer model.  The wind put a few off with some scores being lower than usual but it added to the list of excuses everyone could use.  There were one or two retirements, but we’re not going to mention that……

The second round at Sherwood was much sunnier on the Sunday, we even had a fly past by a Lancaster(?), a Hurricane and a Spitfire with Mario insisting that he’d organised is especially, some even believed him.  Liked or loathed, the Ice Cream Man Cometh just after shooting had started after lunch, so there was a small hiatus while sugar levels were replenished.  This shoot also comprised our leg of the Oregon Challenge with medals being handed out at the end of the day.

Parking was interesting, as most people were blocked in they had little choice but to stay and listen to the results which meant that we were camped outside of the club house milling around waiting to go.  As it happended it was worth it as we Smurfs did rather well bringing home some silverwear.  We had two recurve archers make the Oregon team (Chris and Mike) and Mick made the Compound team.  Terry and Steve received medals for Master Recurve scores (not that they’re masters of the sport, it’s just for being over 50) and Robert got a gong for his compound score.  As we were all outside of the Sherwood club hut, so no one really knew what the medals were for, but all were gratefully received.

As our counterparts over the Pond haven’t shot yet, the actual scores are Top Secret, so I will forward on once the Americans have shot.

Dean and his horn

The results of the Golden Arrow on the Saturday have been published on the Sherwood website and again we did very well bringing home more trophies.  Teresa, Dean, Jay and Zoe all getting the horn, so well done everyone.  A gallery of the Oregon winners is on the Gallery page.

But what of the current league standings i hear you cry. The standings are based on scores from two shoots.  The handicap scores are not yet available as one or two

Mens Recurve Ladies Recurve Mens Compound Ladies Compound
1 – Chris 4 – Mel 2 – Mick 3 – Teresa
7 –  Mike 10 – Zoe 10 – Robert 5 – Karen
12 – Terry 11 – Shawn
16 – Steve 12 – Dean
26 – Jay 15 – Shai
29 – Chris 19 – Dan
30 – Dave
35 – Elliot


The Team scores are even better; we’re first in Recurve and Compound with the “B” teams 8th and 6th respectively. The competition is tough, but if we continue our winning trend, fingers crossed we could win the league.