Method 1

If there is no football taking place adjacent to our area, then roping off constitutes attaching the rope from the hut reel to the first white permanent marker post, supporting this length with two stakes making sure that both the warning signs are put out.

The permanent white post and rope barrier need to be continuous all along the perimeter of our range and the football pitch, so the length of rope that the footballers move to gain access for the goals must also be in place.

The final length of rope which attaches to the football pitch white post and to a new post which is now installed in the rough grass, along with the second short rope and warning sign which crosses the vehicle access path and attaches from the new post to the hedge must always be in place, both these ropes are now left in situ with one being coiled and hung on the white post and the other being coiled and stored in the hedge.

Method 2

If football is taking place then the whole length of rope must be uncoiled from the hut and supported by five stakes across the football pitch and attached to the football pitch white boundary post along with both short ropes as above.

It is advised that the yellow warning sign is placed on the football pitch in front of the rope to advise that to cross the rope is dangerous.

Please also remember that no targets should be place nearer than 25yds from our LHS boundary, and this distance is marked by a white post against a tree in the rough grass area of the range, so no targets should be to the left of this post.

We have experienced walkers coming through the hedge on an unofficial footpath having crossed onto the field by the pipe bridge on the RHS of the range. If this happens please stop shooting until they have safely cleared the range, and please be polite in explaining the dangers of using this route whilst archery is in progress.

There is a warning notice attached to the first tree next to the hedge where they emerge from, but some people either don’t read or choose to ignore it.