2016 County League Results


The final results of the Summer (if you can call it that) are all now available.  We had another successful year, winning one or two trophies:

County League

Senior Recurve Team: A Team first (Dave, Chris, Adeel), B Team fifth (Keith, Mel, Steve)

Senior Compound Team: A Team first (Shai, Mick), B Team sixth (Mick, David, Andrew, Terry)

Junior Recurve: A Team fourth (Elise, Tom)

Junior Compound: A Team Second (Olivia, Fraser)

Handicap Senior Recurve: A Team second (Dan, Steve, Keith, Adeel)

Handicap Senior Compound: A Team second (Terry, David, Mick)

Senior Recurve comprises of three archers, all others have two archers.  The names listed are those archers who’s scores have been put towards the appropriate team score total over three rounds.

Individual Pure Scores

  • Gents Recurve: Dave, Adeel and Chris came first second and third respectively.
  • Ladies Recurve: Mel came fourth
  • Gents Compound: Shai and Mick came second and fifth respectively.

Individual Handicap Scores

  • Gents Recurve: Keith and Dan came fourth and fifth respectively
  • Ladies Recurve: Mel came third
  • Gents Compound: Terry, David and Mick came second, third and fourth respectively.

For a full breakdown of all scores please visit the Notts website.