Going Postal


Now that the dark days of Winter are a distant memory, well at least the dark bit, not so much the cold as I write (it’s June and I have the heating on!), the BA Postal League results are finally in.

Our erstwhile colleague Captain Ahab (Dave Parker) has been keeping his eyes peeled for the results to be published, and hot off the press, he’s sent through the results, so without further ado, here they are.


Recurve Division One – We came First, yes that’s FIRST, so the Burton Joyce Team are Overall Trophy and Medal Winners out of 39 Divisions (234) teams Nationally.  As Dave says “Top Result”.

Compound Division Four – Our Compoundaholics came FIRST in their division so will move up a division next year, and are Medal Winners


Recurve A Team Division Two – We came FIRST and 1st and are Medal Winners.  The bad news is we move up to Division One next year, so will face some stiff competition.

Recurve B Team Division Twenty Three – We came FIRST and 1st and are Medal Winners, we will be moving up a few Divisions, next year

Compound Division Seven – Our chaps get the Must Try Harder Award, coming Third overall, come on chaps, use the Force!  Surely with all those aiming aids you can get the point stick in the middle 😉

So many congratulations to all those who took park on a marvellous set of results.  Next year, Onwards and Upwards, we’ll win all our divisions next year.

Many thanks to Dave for organising our entries, collating and chasing the scores, and generally doing all the stuff no one else wanted to do.

A fantastic set of results for the 2016/17 season, the full results can be found on the BA Postal League site.