Chris Peacock Memorial Shoot 2016


image023There seems to be a common thread weaving its windy way through the early competitions of the season and Sunday’s Chris Peacock Memorial shoot was no exception.

Verging on sub artic temperatures a large contingent of BJA members turned out to try and win a few medals.  The scheduled start time was 9:30 sharp, which meant that we started at 10:00, the knock on effect that we had to cut St George down in size to a St Georgina(?), cutting down the last two distances to two dozen each.

The wind turbine was merrily turning in the slight breeze, pumping power into the National Grid, which meant that at the longer distances the wind was having a “mild” effect on the direction of the arrows.

The weather also seemed to impose a more sedentary pace to proceedings, because by lunchtime we had only just finished the first three dozen and the pangs of hunger were being felt by the Buttie Brothers, with calls for half time bacon sarnies to be brought forth with the upmost urgency, or a Maccy D’s run for Elise (other fast food establishments are available).

This archery lark is hard work
This archery lark is hard work

Rob had kindly volunteered to run the BBQ, offering burgers and sausages to suit all tastes primarily charcoal or still moving; mine was great and I’m still here on Wednesday to write this.

Thanks to tall those who turned up in the less than ideal weather.  Special thanks to Shai for buying the burgers and sausages etc., Rob for cooking them and everyone who helped set up and take down, plus anyone else my failing memory has forgotten.

The results are below:

Gents Recurve
Dave 585 Gold
Chris 540 Silver
Andy 443 Bronze
Cory 381
Gents Compound
Shai 674 Gold
Mike 668 Silver
Mick 635 Bronze
Barry dnf
Ladies Compound
Ellie 632 Gold
Gents Intermediate Recurve
Terry 482 Gold
Steve 463 Silver
Gents Novice Recurve
Martin 490 Gold
Ladies Novice Recurve
Louise 278 Gold
Ladies intermediate Recurve
Mel 584 Gold
Lizzie 460 Silver
Gents Novice Compound
David E 607 Gold
Ladies Novice Compound
Karen 488 Gold
Jnr Ladies recurve
Elise 479 Gold
Jnr Boys recurve
Brody 588 Gold
Fin 409 Silver
Tom 412 Bronze
Junior Compound
Olivia 554 Gold
Fraser 543 Silver
Jenny DNF
Junior Longbow
Alex DNF