2016 County Championships


The Annual Nottinghamshire County Championships was intrepidly attended by five brave Smurfs, why brave, because it was at Bramcote Archers that’s why. To say that Bramcote has a reputation for being a bit windy is like saying Dave Parker has gone on a pleasure boat ride across the Channel.

Bernie Dicks (ex GB international) gave up after a couple of dozen arrows, but we Smurfs are made of sterner stuff, so we battled on through 30mph gusts. I can honestly say its the first time I’ve had to float in arrows I’ve shot, admittedly it may only have been half a boss worth, but coming off a 57lb compound, it did boggle the mind. As for poor Mel, who chose ‘hurricane alley’ as her first full distance competition; she realised the ‘challenge’ of shooting in the wind. That said the Smurfs wouldn’t have won the Team Recurve Trophy without her.

Chris won the Individual Recurve Trophy and Adeel second.

Elise won the under 18s category.

The Recurve Team Award went to, Chris, Adeel, Mel and Andy

Mike came 3rd in the Gents Compound, Ellie came 2nd in the Ladies Compound…. Oh yeh, the Koala, a.k.a Pappa Smurf (or is that Custom Smurf? Ed) won the Compound Trophy, a first for BJA.

All in all a fabulous day for the Smurf Army.

Pictures can be found in the gallery.

An update from Mike Spare:

I was given the award list last night
Junior Festival Trophy – Junior Recurve
Elise Goetzee 802

The Observer Trophy – Gents Recurve
Champion Chris Joyce 834
Runner up Adeel Qadir 801

Compound Shield – Gents Compound
Shahid Qureshi 1126,
3rd place Michael Grey 1076

The Lady Rozelle Trophy – Team of 4 Recurve
Burton Joyce 2990 team Chris, Adeel, Melanie, Andy G.

All BJ archers who took part were awarded!!!