Our club clothing is supplied by a company called Motif8 and they are now able to supply a wide range of club clothing.

The range extends from bucket hats, to polo shirts, jackets and trousers.  All of the order is done online and processed the same as any other online shop.

From the Motif8 home page the range can be found under the menu: Clubs/Sports/Burton Joyce Archery Club.

Apart from requesting new items for the store, the club no longer has any involvement in the ordering process.  This means that members no longer have to wait until we create an order and you can order new gear whenever you like, to be delivered directly to your home.  It also means that you are responsible for dealing with any returns.

A few points to bear in mind

  1. Make sure you are ordering the correct colour polo shirt. The standard BJA or “Smurf” shirt is Royal Blue/White.  The “away” strip is “White/Royal Blue”.  These are listed on the ordering page as “Royal/White” and “White/Royal“.  The Junior version is only available in White/Royal Blue.
  2. Make sure you spell your name correctly, errors may not be rectifiable.
  3. Read the size guide or ask a club member if you could have a look at theirs!
  4. The Bucket hat is reversible, it can either be White or Navy. You need to specify which side you would like the club badge on as once its sewn on, it’s obviously no longer reversible.

If you see something on the Motif8 website that you think would be a good addition to the club’s clothing collection, then let Steve know.